Children Flying Kites

Signed bronze carving, ink print on cotton laid paper by Tran Nguyen Hieu/ 2003

Size: 28"x24.5"x1.5"

The artist: Tran Nguyen Hieu was born in 1956 into an intellectual family in Hanoi. Most of the things that make Hanoi the wonderful city it is are embedded in the soul of Hieu, such as the customs, language, fragrance of the milk flower and the cityscape with misty Hoan Kiem Lake, waves crashing on the West Lake, cyclos on the ancient streets, etc. Though he had time to travel to every region of the country and experience the ups and downs in the years of war, the image of Hanoi was kept in tact in his heart. Scrutinizing his works with the images of rough stumps of Gao tree (Bombax ceiba), pedicabs, pineapple leaf hats, old bridges, Quan Chuong City Gate with broken rows of bricks and corners of Hang Dau, Hang Manh and Hang Thung Streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, viewers can see close compositions expressed lively due to the artist’s refined bronze engraving technique.