Jesus Christ John Lennon

Original ink on paper, signed. Custom cross shaped gold leaf and lacquer frame. Believed to be cover artwork from a British music magazine by John Holden / 1973

Size: Custom frame by Smith&Ko 31"x 34"x1", 9"x 12"

The artist: "The making of drawings, painted images, is an inherent aspect of my experience of living and has been since childhood; not to make visual images of some sort would be an act of denial of an essential need.

Sources of stimuli are complex, environments some familiar, surreptitiously infiltrate the sub-conscious and provide possible departure points. Notation in some form is on going as is the collection of detritus and the use of the camera. The process of distillation, of eliminating what is irrelevant is a continuous struggle. This sensing of what is authentic is a complex process of statement, erasure, restatement and lengthy contemplation. The sensuality of the paint and colour has grown increasingly important as a result of this methodology. In practice this has evolved through the process of underpainting and layering with washes to help achieve optimum colour values, control and interaction. It allows for greater precision / realisation of ideas. The intention is to imbue my work with a simple authority and beauty that is refreshingly unexpected and at the same time seems familiar."

John Holden’s work is held in public and private collections worldwide. He retired as Head of Fine Art at John Moores University in July 2000.