Silver Lady With Paint Brush

Pigments, epoxy, cloth, clay, gold leaf and lacquer painting on wood panel by Dinh Quan / 1995

Size: 47.5"x32"x1", unframed

The artist: Dinh Quan was born in 1964, and graduated from the Vietnam University of Fine Art In 1990, where he studied lacquer painting. Today, Dinh Quan is recognized as one of Vietnam's most important lacquer artists. Through his development of the art form, he has adapted the medium to include alternative techniques and other art disciplines, such as sculpture. For beneath every layer of lacquer lies precious fragments of Dinh Quan’s inner self – sometimes fragile and patient, often resilient and strong like the female forms that have become fundamental to his mode of expression. The female essence has been at the heart of his unique world, which has been profoundly linked to his strong reverence for his Buddhist beliefs and filial piety to his family.

Museum Collections: Singapore Art Museum, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, National Art Gallery of Malaysia